Android Phone NOT in a Lull: 300K Activations Per Day

After reading a item which considered the possibility that Android phone sales are flattening, I asked the counter question:

Android Phone Growth Slowing or Just in a Fall Lull?

Fortune’s piece was based on a report that Android per day activations was essentially flat at 200+K per day since August. Today, however, Reuters reported that:

Google’s Android closing gap on Nokia’s Symbian

Reuters notes that Nokia reported 325K sales per day in the July to September period (around the time Google reported 200+K per day activations for Android). Google’s Android chief, Andy Rubin, tweeted that 300K Android phone are now activated per day.!/arubin/status/12727540783251456

This is a ~30% increase since the August time frame. It looks like Android phone sales (as inferred by activations) has been growing quite well over the past few months after all.