Android Phone Growth Slowing or Just in a Fall Lull?

Fortune’s Seth Weintraub asks:

Has Android’s growth slowed down?

His rationale? Android smartphone activations are about the same per day now as they were back in early August – a bit over 200,000 units per day. My first theory was that people are waiting for Gingerbread or Honeycomb. But, I dismissed that theory immediately since the vast majority of consumers do not know or care which Android release is on their phone.

We might be able to make a few educated guesses if we had, for example, activation figures from those months for Apple iPhones and RIM BlackBerry phones. My guess is a Fall lull while consumers gear up for the holiday buying season. Let’s revisit these numbers again in January 2011 and see how thing look with the 2010 holiday buying season behind us.