Android Marketplace Adds Review Filters, Helping Developers Avoid Penalties For User Experience on Different Devices

One of the issues with Android’s fragmented nature is that developers get hit by bad reviews if they don’t do exhaustive quality assurance testing on the platform’s many devices.

Android Market is apparently giving developers a Band-Aid to fix this problem by letting users sort out reviews by device, application version, star rating, how recently it was made and how helpful other users found it.

Reviews also now show what device the reviewer was using, and what version of the app they are reviewing. This helps developers avoid a penalty in their average rating if the app doesn’t perform well on a particular Android device. If a user has an Android device registered to their market account they can choose to see only reviews that apply to their particular device.

The changes bring the Android market more in line with Apple’s App Store, which allows users to filter reviews by application version, how recently the review was filed and more subjective criteria such as how helpful the review was or how favorable or critical it was.

According to The Verge, the changes have not yet migrated to the Android market app.