Android Market Now Shows Device Capatability

Now that I have an Android tablet, I am finding that in some cases apps that can run on my Nexus S cannot run on the HTC Flyer. The web version of the Android Market prevents you from installing apps on devices that it knows it is not compatible with, but previously you had to go all the way through the process of starting the installation process before finding out that it is not compatible. Google has made a change so that now you see whether an app is compatible with all of your devices right on the app’s information page.

If I access the Android Market from the tablet, I am not even able to see incompatible apps like Google Voice, however, if I am browsing the Android Market on the web, I see all apps in the market. Now, when I open Google Voice in the web version of the Android Market, I see the information shown in the screenshot on the app details page. To see which device Google Voice is not compatible with, click the [+] button. If there is no problem running the app on all of your devices, you will see a message saying it is compatible with all of your devices.

In order to see the app compatibility information you must be signed on to the Android Market. The compatibility information does not even appear on the page if you are not signed in. The devices listed are the ones associated with the Google user account that you sign in with to the Market.

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