Android Market Has The Most Free Apps

Yesterday I wrote about a ZDNet blog post that related application store sizes to smartphone marketshare. ZDNet used data from a study done by Distimo presented at Mobile World Congress about application stores. Another interesting piece of information from that study was written about by the Android Community blog. According the Distimo, 53% of the applications in the Android Market are free, which far outpaces the other stores. For example, the study says 25% of the applications in the iTunes App Store are free.

One can look at the report in two ways. Consumers who are looking for the most free applications are going to have a better chance of finding those apps in the Android Market. On the other hand, developers are not making as much money on the Android Market as the other device application stores. As Android gains more market share I will be interested to see whether percentage of free applications for it will grow or decline.