Android Market Growing Faster Than The iPhone App Store

A Slashgear article is reporting on a release from the mobile security developer Lookout that says the Android Market is growing faster than the iTunes App Store. According to Lookout, since August of 2010, Apple’s store grew by 44%, while Google’s grew 127%. The iTunes App store still has more total apps, but the pace of new apps to the Android Market has clearly increased.

The increase in the number of apps in the Android Market certainly reflects a increased interested in Android, but the number of apps says nothing about the quality of apps. What I would be more interested in knowing is, how many “big name” developers are chosing to create new apps for Android first, before creating them for the iPhone, or even chosing to not even develop for the iPhone? My guess is that the vast majority of new smartphone apps are appearing on the iPhone first, with some increase in the number of simultaneous releases, but that there are still few cases where Android is the primary release platform for smartphone developers.