Android Market Makes Its New Grossing, Trending Charts Available on Devices

The new discovery options Android Market showed off in May are now accessible on devices, not just on the website. This will give developers new access points to consumers in the store with categories for trending, top-grossing, top new paid and top new free apps. Consumers will also be able to read books and get movies too, but that’s less relevant to app developers.

Android Market has undergone two major overhauls this year. One revamp in February gave consumers the ability to download apps on the web and have them automatically transfer over to their devices.

The second revamp presented at Google’s I/O developer conference in May brought the trending, top-grossing, top new paid and top new free apps lists.

Google also added personalized recommendations for apps, akin to what Apple has done with its Genius recommendations in the iOS app store. Google also said it would bring a developers’ list, highlighting the top companies building for the platform and a curated “Editor’s Choice” section.