Android Market Breaks 100,000 Apps, So What?

Google has surpassed the 100,000 app milestone in the Android Market, which provides further evidence that Android is entrenched in the smartphone market. It seems only a few short months ago that naysayers were harping on the fact that Android did not have as many apps as the iPhone. While the iPhone App store still has a sizable lead at nearly 300,000 apps, it seems to me the talk about the comparatively few number of apps as died down.

In my opinion the talk about numbers of apps is a red herring because there isn’t a clear definition of what is the number of apps that are needed to deem a platform a success. A good percentage of both the Android and iPhone apps are duplicates or of questionable quality, yet are included in the total app counts. The real question to be asked is, does a platform have the apps that most users want? In my opinion, Android long surpassed having the majority of apps that users want and the real sign of how developers view Android is whether they release apps for Android at the same time as iPhone or even before. I am ready for the hype about app numbers to go away.