Android Leads Mobile Ad Impressions; iPad Up 456 Percent

Apple grew 60 percent in total

While Google’s Android OS saw the most ad impressions of any mobile OS in the third quarter of 2011, manufacturer-wise, Apple devices got the biggest piece of the pie, according to the latest report from mobile ad network Millennial Media.

Across connected devices, the Android OS accounted for 56 percent of all mobile ad impressions in Q3. Apple’s iOS followed with 28 percent of mobile ad impressions, and RIM came in third with 13 percent.

However, Apple was the leader for mobile ad impressions from a single manufacturer viewpoint. Among the top 15 mobile device manufacturers, Apple devices topped the list with 23 percent of mobile ads. Samsung and HTC followed with around 16 percent each.

The iPhone accounted for 54 percent of all iOS ad impressions, while the iPad and iPod Touch combined to make up the remaining 46 percent. In the past year, iOS ad impressions grew 60 percent, with iPod Touch impressions up 30 percent and iPad impressions increasing by a massive 456 percent.

Out of the top 20 devices on Millennial’s network, 15 ran Android’s OS. HTC had the most devices on the list—six total—and grew 100 percent in the past year as a manufacturer. Smartphone maker Huawei also showed significant growth in the past year, tripling its ad impressions.

On the application side, the most popular category to buy ads in, across all platforms, was gaming apps. Android led total ad spending on apps with a 49 percent share, growing 20 percent year over year. Apple followed with 41 percent of the app category, a 36 percent increase in the past year.