Android Jelly Bean grows to a 13.6% market share, Ice Cream Sandwich remains stagnant at 29%

Google today updated its developer dashboard that broke down the Android platform usage on devices by version, which showed Android Jelly Bean’s (version 4.1 and 4.2 combined) continued growth and Android Ice Cream Sandwich remaining stagnant since last month’s update.

Jelly Bean now accounts for 13.6 percent of devices running Android, up 3.4 percent month-over-month, while Ice Cream Sandwich took a 29.0 percent share, down 0.1 percent since last month. The Android version king by market share, Gingerbread, continued to show decline in share, dropping from 47.6 percent last month to 45.6 percent.

The Android versions low on the totem pole stayed low month-over-month, with Froyo dropping to 8.1 percent, Eclair to 2.2 percent and Donut held at 0.2 percent.

Android Key Lime Pie (Version 5.0) is earmarked to debut sometime in 2013, with rumors for a release as early as the spring.

Google collected data for its report from Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period, which ended on Feb. 4.