Android and iOS’s Total App Downloads Per Month May Be Near Parity

The monthly app download rate for the Android and iOS platforms may be near parity, based on both Google and Apple’s public updates on cumulative downloads this year.

We wouldn’t know for sure what the per-day rate is and both companies likely time their announcements strategically, so they might not make a public statement on the exact day their app stores pass a symbolic mark.

However, Google said today during its earnings call that Android has done 6 billion cumulative installs up from 3 billion during the last quarterly earnings call exactly three months ago. Likewise, Apple said last week that it had done 15 billion downloads on July 7 up from 10 billion app downloads on January 22.

The announcement dates from both companies imply a rate of roughly 1 billion downloads per month, although the rate almost certainly accelerated from the beginning of the year until now. There is large day-to-day variation based on the day of the week, holidays and Apple may have also slowed the pace of free app downloads slightly when it clamped down on incentivized installs through offer walls in April.

As for the footprint of both platforms, Google said today that its platform has seen 135 million device activations while Apple last said it had cumulatively sold 200 million devices.