Android In-App Purchasing Launches Next Week: Android App Developers Should Rejoice

One of the best things that Apple did for iPhone app developers in the summer of 2009 was to provide the ability for in-app purchases. This let developers sell upgrades, add-ons, virtual goods and, more recently, subscriptions without asking the app user to leave the app. The developer of “Flower Garden” wrote about his experience of moving the app from a paid app to a free one with in-app purchasing, for example, virtual flower seeds. The result of this move was to more than triple the daily revenue.
In-App Purchasing Feature Rescues Flower Garden iPhone App From Wilting Away
Android apps have not been selling in the kind of numbers seen for iOS apps (iPhone/iPad). That may change now that Amazon has entered the Android app selling arena. But, the near future availability of in-app purchases for Android apps should definitely help the overall revenue picture for developers.
In-App Billing on Android Market: Ready for Testing (Google Android Developers blog)
In-app purchases for Android apps will launch next week.