Android Helps Server Dinner

If you like to cook and are looking for new recipes, an Android phone and the Dinner Spinner app can help you find something new to cook. The app, which is available now for free in the Android Market, provides access to hundreds of recipes on the web site. What is unique about this app is how you can discover new recipes.
When you start the app, you see three different categories, the type of dish, an ingredient, and preparation time. You shake the phone to spin the selection for each of the categories to come up with a combination, such as you see in the screenshot. Tap View Matches to see recipes that match that combination. When you are viewing a recipe you have the option to add it to Favorites, e-mail it, or share it on Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t want to use the Spinner, you can tap Menu, Featured to scroll through a list of ten featured recipes, or tap Menu, Favorites to open your Favorite recipes.