Android Fork Speculation

As someone who likes Android, I am nervous about how Google seems destined to make the same mistakes as Microsoft. In my opinion, the high number of different Windows Mobile builds (touchscreen, non-touchscreen, Smartphone, Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, etc..) made developing and releasing new features too complicated and time consuming. The slow pace of change with Windows Mobile is the main reason why Microsoft has lost so much marketshare in smartphones.
Today the Android Community web site has an article about the next version of Android, which has the code name Gingerbread. The article states that Gingerbread will have a minimum hardware specification, like Windows Phone 7, that in itself is not bad, but what I find most alarming is the statement that lower end phones will stick with Android 2.X. In my opinion the worst thing Google can do is create low-end and high-end versions of Android, because all that will do is stretch development resources thin and slow down the pace of improvements. The strategy is also likely to create confusion in the market as some programs and features that work on some Android phones won’t work on others, and that confusion can quickly convince people to avoid Android.