Android Fans Of HBO’s TrueBlood, There Is A Live Wallpaper For You!

According to my Twitter timeline last night, I follow a lot of people who are fans of HBO’s original series, TrueBlood. Last night the first episode of the new season of TrueBlood aired and with that HBO has released a free Android live wallpaper.

After you install the wallpaper tap and hold on a blank spot on the home screen to display the Add To Home screen dialog, then select Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers and scroll down to the True Blood option. The wallpaper settings include options to control how quickly to pan when switching home screens, enable track orientation, which sets the wave direction based on the phone’s orientation, and a high detail option that smooths the appearance of lighting highlights. Each of the settings can affect performance so you may wish to experiment with them.

When the wallpaper first loads you see the HBO and TrueBlood logos display, but if you double-tap the screen the logos disappear. The logos logos re-appear if you double-tap a second time. You will notice that as you slide your finger over the screen the wallpaper shimmers as if you touched a pool of water, or I guess in this case a pool of blood.