Android-based Dell Streak Mini-tablet Supports Bluetooth Keyboard & MIce: Why Don't the Smartphone Provide BT HID Profiles Too?

I never understood why Apple didn’t support the use of Bluetooth keyboards for the iPhone prior to iOS4 (the iPhone 3G still doesn’t work with BT keyboards even after the upate). Google’s lack of Bluetooth keyboard profiles for Android is even more puzzling given their more “open” platform claim. One of the first things I tested after my Motorola Droid received its OS 2.2 FRG22D update on Friday (from FRG01B) was Bluetooth keyboard profile support. Unfortunately, BT keyboard support was not part of the update. So, I was quite surprised to read in Engadget that the Dell Streak Android-based mini-tablet works with not only Bluetooth keyboards but also Bluetooth mice. Engadget provides a video of an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse used with a Dell Streak.

Dell Streak gets cozy with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, suddenly looks small (video)

Note to Google and Android smartphone OEM/ODMs: It would nice (really really nice) to have Bluetooth keyboard support on Android smartphones.