Majority of Android App Installs Now Happen Outside U.S. Market, Google’s Eric Chu Says

Android developers better start thinking about catering to users abroad, said Eric Chu, Google’s group manager for the platform at the company’s developer conference in San Francisco today.

More than 60 percent of Android app installs now happen outside of the U.S. and international device activations are up by 18-fold over last year. The company said yesterday that the Android had reached 100 million device activations and was seeing 400,000 device activations per day. The U.S. leads the market with 40.5 percent of app installations followed by Korea, which has 13.4 percent of installations.

The key thing we would emphasize to developers however is that they may need to pay attention to app store fragmentation in each market — especially in Asia.

Kyu Lee, vice president of Gamevil’s U.S. division, told us last week that a significant portion of the downloads they see in their home market of South Korea come from carrier Android app stores from operators like SK Telecom.

China, which may see around 15 million device activations this year, according to conversations we’ve had with investors and social gaming platform companies there, also has about five significant Android app stores like Gfan, GoAPK, HiAPK, Nduo and