Android and iOS Regional Strengths Revealed by Holiday Activations

Android and iOS finished Christmas in a dead heat this year, with new activations split almost evenly between the two platforms.

According to Localytics, between December 23 and 26th, there were 12.5 times the normal amount of iOS activations, and 12 times the amount of Android device activations. On Christmas Day alone, there were more than 6.8 million activations of new Android and iOS devices, a 353% jump over December’s daily average.

While iOS may have won the overall battle, Android activations increased at a faster rate and dominated very different markets. iOS devices were most frequently activated in the US, the UK and Western Europe, but Android was much stronger in Asia, with South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China all seeing more growth in Android than iOS.

Android activations also grew more quickly than iOS ones in 14 of Localytics’ top 20 countries for mobile device use, which means that Android not only has a bigger, faster growing userbase, the platform is also growing faster in the lucrative Asian market. It’s also interesting to note that China, Apple’s second biggest iOS market in terms of revenue saw Android activations grow much faster than iOS activations.

Android is now seeing 700,000 activations per day and saw 200 million devices activate in November alone.