Android Platform Reaches 200M Activated Devices, Pace Remains Constant at 550K Per Day

Google’s Android platform has now seen 200 million device activations, the company said today at a music event in Los Angeles. The pace of Android’s growth may have stabilized however, at 550,000 activations per day. That’s the same figure the company shared in July during an earnings call.

The new data Google shared today may put the Android platform within spitting distance of iOS’s footprint. Apple said it had cumulatively sold 250 million iOS devices in October during its earnings call. Keep in mind that both companies use different terms — Google counts device activations while Apple counts devices cumulatively sold.

Independent measurement companies like Nielsen and comScore have reported for several months that Android has more mobile subscribers in the U.S. But when you take into account iPads and iPods, Apple still probably offers the largest raw market size for developers. We see this when we look at proxies for comparing the Android and iOS footprints, like counting monthly active users for Facebook’s apps on both platforms. Apple still leads there with 95.8 million monthly actives for Facebook’s iOS apps compared to the Android app’s 77.7 million monthly actives.

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