Android 2.1 SDK Release Points to New Small But Interesting Developer Features

Google released the…

Android 2.1 SDK

The Android 2.1 release notes says Android 2.1 does not add significant user features. However, that doesn’t mean that the release (currently only available on the HTC Nexus One released last week), doesn’t hold any interest for end-users like you and me. Here’s a couple of items from the release notes that you (as a non-developer) might find interesting…

– Live Wallpapers: The dynamic moving wallpapers seen first on the Nexus One is documented. So, we can hope to see interesting dynamic wallpapers appear

– SignalStrength class: This provides information about the network signal. Information is available for both voice (GSM & CDMA) and wireless data (EVDO) using this class.

– GeolocationPermissions: This class deals with providing permanent Geolocation permissions from a web browser interface.

I don’t see something I’ve noticed on my Nexus One in the 2.1 SDK. So, I don’t know if this is an Android 2.1 feature or something HTC added. However, I noticed that reported battery levels on my Nexus One has finer granularity than the Droid running Android 2.0.1. Whether or not it is actually more accruate can be questioned. But, it was interesting when I first noted this difference.

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