Andrew Sullivan: The New York Times Needs to Fire Someone


Blogger-writer-editor Andrew Sullivan tossed some kerosene onto the bonfire that is The New York imbroglio. From The Atlantic magazine blog The Daily Dish, Sullivan describes the situation thusly:

”At best, incompetence; at worst, bias. Either way, if the NYT wants to recover, it needs to fire someone. I’m not of the view that this ad was in any way as important as the debate about future strategy in Iraq. But because it distracted us from that, it was a lose-lose proposition. I’m a skeptic of the surge and worried about the use of Petraeus for political purposes. The ad still repelled me.”

As Clark Hoyt noted, Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. didn’t opt to take disciplinary measures against the hapless, unnamed salesperson who accepted the discounted advocacy ad on the Monday before General Petraeus’ testimony.