Andrew Ross Sorkin on Launching and Growing The New York Times Dealbook

Back in 2001 when most pubs were still trying to figure out what, if anything, to do with their content online, Andrew Ross Sorkin launched the email newsletter Dealbook as an aggregator of business news for The New York Times. Today, the Dealbook blog has grown into a leader for breaking news and even influences Wall Street legislation.

“Dealbook starts as this email with this just amazing audience. If you were just to look through this subscriber list of just who’s on it, it’s just a who’s who of everybody,” Sorkin said in our Media Beat interview. “It’s really about trying to take that community and really move them online in a different way, and really build around the aggregation a lot of breaking news, fresh analysis and original content.”

While Sorkin couldn’t disclose details about The New York Times‘ upcoming paywall plans, he did have some thoughts on what will make it work for the Dealbook audience.

“However we approach it, we’re going to do it in a way that will actually make it work,” he said.

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