How A Brick-And-Mortar Brand On Facebook Got 1,362 Clicks, 862 Leads, 2,000+ Likes From Scratch In 11 Days

A brick-and-mortar client wanted to have a buzzing business page with a couple of thousand likes so that it could build authority, add value, showcase its services, build relationships, and build a database with the intention of increasing its return on investment.

LikesGrowthChart650A brick-and-mortar client wanted to have a buzzing business page with a couple of thousand likes so that it could build authority, add value, showcase its services, build relationships, and build a database with the intention of increasing its return on investment.

My Objectives:

  • Research its target audience.
  • Structure a viral strategy — competition.
  • Build and customize its business page to represent its business and its clients’ needs.
  • Create and curate content that is appealing to its audience.
  • Run two Facebook ad campaigns — a like campaign and News Feed ads.
  • Run a six-day pre-launch for the competition.
  • Find the tools that will support the competition’s needs (Heyo).
  • Target mobile and smartphone users (another reason for Heyo).
  • Track and monitor clicks and growth using smartURL.
  • Create the sales funnel to capture data (AWeber).
  • Launch the competition with a buzzing audience.
  • Keep feeding the audience with content throughout the competition.
  • Provide transparency content throughout the competition.
  • Announce that the competition will be drawn through a video.

My intention is for you to understand that you don’t need tens of thousands of Facebook fans on your business page to produce results. Once you have the right strategy and you’re willing to follow through, success at a small level isn’t that far away.

You can see from the image above that on Jan. 11, my client had fewer than 100 likes on its business page. Together, we mapped and structured a strategy that would move it forward quickly in a short space of time.

I suggested that we update its business page to make it more appealing to its target audience. We needed lots of content so that when people saw its posts, they were empowering, educating, and entertaining, so people stuck around and they felt like they wanted to get involved. The post content material included:

  • Showcasing product images.
  • Director’s images — building relationships to know, like, and trust.
  • Blog posting content — building authority, adding value to its market and audience.
  • Highlighting testimonials and reviews for social proof.
  • Showcase video to build relationships, showcase product, and create authority.
  • Hints, tips, and guidance topics to offer value.
  • Find other people’s content that you can curate and repost/share with your audience.

Having a posting plan is a key factor to success.


It was important that we had an excited audience ready to join our competition on the launch date. So six days before the launch, we ran a few promoted posts to my client’s targeted audience announcing that we were launching our first ever Facebook competition.

We told them what the prize would be, and that at 10:30 a.m. Friday, Jan. 24, we would launch our first competition and announce what users had to do and how to enter. You can see the screen shot of the exposure the promoted post got below.

On the morning of the competition, you can see that within four hours of launch, we received 194 subscribers/entries. I can only put this success down to the fact that we had the pre-launch and generated an audience that was interested in entering.

This started achieving my client’s goal of generating an audience and building a database of names and email addresses.


All the way through the competition, we kept feeding the our audience with content, adding value, getting them to engage with us, sharing videos, and generally creating a buzz on its business page.

The page started growing by around 100 likes per day. Upon the launch of the competition, my client generated an extra 300-plus likes due to the strategy we put in place.


The structure of the competition we created using Heyo was:

  1. Like our page.
  2. Answer this question: How long has XYZ been in business? Pop over to our website to find the answer, and then come back and enter your details and the answer in the fields provided below. This little trick was awesome. We managed to get all entries to visit my client’s website in a nonthreatening way. Think about what I’ve just told you: That is pure gold.
  3. Share the page.

I encourage you to run your own competitions using similar strategies. I would even let you copy this strategy in full. If you would like to really understand how this worked, then I would encourage you to get access to the mind map PDF I created and the video that walks and talks you through the full process.

I hope you’ve found this information useful. Please feel free to post your comments below. My intention of sharing this strategy is to help, inspire, and motivate anyone that is either just starting out and not too sure how they are going to generate the success they desire, or to help the seasoned professional with yet another strategy that will help them crush their results.

Until next time: Go and do something good.

Andrew Medlam is a Facebook marketing professional, consultant, speaker, and online product creator.