Andrew Malcolm Has Clearly Never Been to Ireland

Of all the pot-shots we’ve seen taken at Obama in the past few years, we think we just discovered the most retahded–and that’s saying something. The honor belongs to LA Times blogger and former Laura Bush PR-flak Andrew Malcolm, who just ripped Obama for his visit to a pub in Moneygall, Ireland, where the president dared to claim the Guinness “tastes so much better here than it does in the States.”

Malcolm proclaimed this an “oops” moment for the prez.

“[W]hat happened inside the Moneygall pub that may not go down too smoothly with the American distributors of Ireland’s world-famous Guinness.”


First of all, it does taste better over there, as anyone who has taken a tour of the Guinness factory knows. They make it there. It’s fresh. There’s even science behind the taste difference. No brainer.

Second of all, are you fucking serious? You’re the lead political blogger at the fourth largest paper in America. You write about four blog posts a day max and THIS WAS ONE OF THEM.

Memo to the LA Times: You just won two Pulitzers and have made huge strides in the past year in reestablishing much your pre-Zell credibility. It doesn’t matter how many Drudge links this guy brings in, think it might be time to give him the hook.