Um, Congrats? MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Exalts BuzzFeed Scribe For Being On Show

Wearing a cornflower blue vest that made us ask “Where’s Abu?,” BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball” yesterday. He was on to discuss the “secret donors” fighting against the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary.

Kaczynski tells FishbowlDC it’s a Brooks Brothers vest which he had just received in the mail. He left his sports coat at home but has “no regrets” on the vest.

But more important than Kaczynski’s Prince Ali-inspired garb was the way in which show host Chris Matthews profusely thanked the reporter for appearing on his program.

NYT‘s Jim Rutenberg was also on as a guest. At the end of the segment, Matthews said, “Thank you, Jim Rutenberg, sir, a great reporter for the New York Times.” To Kaczynski…Matthews said, “Andrew Kaczynski, congratulations for coming on.”

Congratulations for coming on.

Really. Did Kaczynski reach some pinnacle of greatness for coming on Matthews’ show? Oh, we forgot. It’s D.C. at its finest. Matthews congratulates Kaczynksi and in turn praises himself and the reporter. Washington speak for “thank you” is “you’re welcome.” Everyone wins.

Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief and MSNBC Contributor David Corn, HuffPost and MSNBC Analyst Howard Fineman and NBC Political Director Chuck Todd are also regularly lauded for appearing when appearing on the program.

It was Kaczynski’s second time on the show. A substitute filled in for Matthews during his first visit.

Watch the clip here.