Gawker Hosts Andrew Goldman Doc The Desk

On the rooftop, tonight.

After premiering last month at the Florida Film Festival, The Desk, a feature documentary directed by former New York Times Magazine reporter Andrew Goldman, is set for its NYC coming out party. Gawker is sponsoring a private screening of the film tonight on the rooftop of its new headquarters.

Then, for Goldman, it’s off to New Zealand for a series of screenings there. From a recent write-up in NZ’s Sunday Star Times:

Two career implosions and one viral video brought Paul Henry and Goldman together.

Goldman, a New York Times journalist, was on a one-month suspension from the job he would eventually be fired from when he saw Henry’s “Sheila Dikshit” gaffe on YouTube. He decided he wanted to work with Henry and sent an email, through TVNZ, asking if he wanted to come to America to star in his debut movie.

“I got an email back within 30 minutes basically saying ‘where can I sign up’?” Goldman says. That’s the short explanation of how Henry ended up in the feature-length film The Desk, about a fake talk show where he interviews porn star Ron Jeremy, celebrity fitness instructor Richard Simmons and a woman dressed up as Wonder Woman.

Goldman, who is presently a contributing editor for WSJ. magazine, tells us the film is also slated for the San Francisco Documentary Festival in early June and is currently submitted to various other events. Read the rest of the NZ Times feature article here.
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