Andrew Cuomo to GQ: ‘People Had Enough of The Failure’

In the January issue of GQ, Governor Andrew Cuomo gives one of his more thorough interviews since taking office. He discusses gay marriage, why he was able to have almost immediate success in office, comparisons to his father, and even touches on his relationship with Sandra Lee, the Food Network star. Below are a few choice quotes from Cuomo. You can pick up the January GQ on December 20.

On why he pushed for gay marriage to be legalized:

“Look, there are issues that come across your desk… that you just say, ‘This is absurd.’ Marriage equality changed life for people. When we did the gay-pride parade after the passage? I can’t tell you how many family members, friends, sisters, and brothers… It provided a level of acceptance for millions of people. And their families.”

On why he was able to make good on campaign promises:

“Oh, there’s no doubt that people had enough of the failure. I mean, people had really had enough—of the scandals, of the embarrassment, right? Of the dysfunction. Of the shame. New York State government. They’re New Yorkers! They think they’re the best and this is the best and everything’s the best! And here they’re being ridiculed on Letterman. So that was all a part of it. I really believe it was right person, right time, right message.”

On if he gets offended when people compare him to his father:

“It doesn’t really. Maybe at one time it intimidated me? But it doesn’t anymore. I’m old now, you know.”

On Sandra Lee:

“She is clearly, when you meet her, an amazing person. I mean, just the energy she gives off. She really is something special.”