Andrew Breitbart, media mogul

If you’ve read the Drudge Report in the past couple days, you probably noticed that many of the headlines now link to wire feeds at instead of to the usual motley amalgam of newspapers, portals, and other sites. is, of course, owned by Andrew Breitbart, author and longtime Drudge right-hand guy (interrupted by his brief stint with HuffyPostie).

What does this mean? Well, what it means is that Andrew Breitbart will be pocketing the ad revenue from the page-views from all the people who click through to via Drudge– revenue that was once distributed all over the place, and which, one has to suppose, adds up to an awful lot. FishbowlLA conducted an exclusive, revealing IMterview with Mr. Moneybags (full disclosure, Breitbart and I are friendly acquaintances):

FBLA: so andrew…

Breitbart: yes, sir

FBLA: I’m wondering what the revenue projection is for

Breitbart: think Bs not Ms

FBLA: I would imagine!

Breitbart: think whole foods not albertsons


Breitbart: was just sent this

Breitbart: jumped to 595 on day #1

Breitbart: must have been the million dollar ad campaign. the TV spots. the jingle.

FBLA: wow.

FBLA: you’re buying drinks at yamashiro next month

Breitbart: im buying yamashiro next month

FBLA: mind if I post this IM?

Breitbart: Does humor translate well in IM?

FBLA: sure

Breitbart: Then no.

Seriously, this guy is going to end up being filthy rich. Maybe Arianna will marry him!

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