Andres Duany Goes to UK to Join Prince Charles’ Fight Against Modernism

We’ve long established that, while he likes drawing pretty pictures on wine bottles, Prince Charles hates modern architecture. What these two things have to do with one another, we’re not entirely sure. But no matter. Related to the latter, the prince has apparently begun sending his minions out to help spread this anti-modern message, starting with his close friend, “New Urbanism” designer and architect Andres Duany. To correspond with the release of plans for a housing/neighborhood development he worked on, he flew to the UK this week to issue a report on 64 things that British architects and planners have been doing wrong for the last half-century, stopping to broaden his critique by calling out famous starchitects likes Frank Gehry, Richard Rogers, and Zaha Hadid has “increasingly irrelevant.” What’s the right way of doing things? The Duany way, of course. This, for some reason, did not win him many new allies, as we’ve found it is very rare to win people over after berating them or their opinions. Heck, John Silber, who probably agrees with Duany on some level, was at least civilized enough to pen a well-thought out book about the subject and not just a rant of “I’m right and you’re all wrong!”