Now Boarding: A Michelin Three-Star Chef

AndreasCaminadaSwissAirlinesThe last few tweets from this airline account are all extremely convincing reasons to @FlySWISS.

Aboard a Swiss International Air Lines flight from Zurich to New York arriving at JFK around 12:30 p.m. today is Michelin three-star chef Andreas Caminada (pictured). He was recruited to personally oversee in-flight food and drink worthy of his establishment Schauenstein Schloss, set inside an 18th century castle 90 minutes outside of Zurich and rated one of the world’s Top 50 sit-down joints by Restaurant magazine. Sure beats a bag of peanuts and a can of “that will be one Euro, please” soda.

From a recent Q&A with Caminada:

The Financialist: What would you consider your most surprising dish?

Caminada: Sometimes our restaurant guests are wary of certain ingredients. We don’t force anyone to eat anything, but we do encourage them to be open-minded about foods they may only think they don’t like. For instance, we have a halibut with onions prepared five different ways on the menu that has converted some guests who were suspicious of onions. They realize that as long as you don’t eat them raw, onions are mild and very pleasant, whether sautéed in red wine, whole roasted, or fried to a crisp.

Thanks to today’s efforts, Caminada has no doubt also converted a few folks previously suspicious of air travel. As AFP noted ahead of this unique mile-high pop-up effort, other top chef-airline partnerships have included Joel Robuchon (Air France), Heston Blumenthal (British Airways) and Neil Perry (Quantas).

[Image via: @FlySWISS]