New York Post Columnist Defends Bill Cosby

After Whoopi Goldberg comes to her senses, Andrea Peyser has seemingly lost hers.

Andrea Peyser is fortunate that for now, the outrage of media critics on Twitter is focused elsewhere. But that won’t last.

Posted online late last night, Peyser’s latest column bespeaks a lack of full research and conversation with Cosby’s accusers. Only someone who has not properly read the depositions, testimonials and interviews would write this:

Still, I wonder if some, if not most (or maybe all?), of the dozens of women who claim Cosby attempted or completed sexual assaults against them, dating back as far as the 1960s, swallowed drugs willingly before the encounters.

So who did Peyser speak to? The Times Square woman known as “The Naked Cowgirl.” Sandy Kane says she had consensual sex with Cosby (although she can’t quite pinpoint the year) and deems him “the victim.”
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