Anderson Cooper: “To spank or not to spank?”

Our compatriots at Gawker espy a blurb on CNN about tonight’s Anderson Cooper 360: apparently, tonight is all about spanking.

When we read that we felt the familiar tingle of d&#233ja vu; not because we’re particularly susceptible to a paddling (we’ll smack you back, hard) but because we remember seeing this before: specifically, last April, back when Anderson the Anti-Anchor was just a twinkle in Jon Klein‘s eye. From the first-ever Fishes (aw, we gotta bring those back), regard this quote:

Anderson Cooper: “To spank or not to spank?” We almost choked when our sweet Anderson uttered those words straight into the camera on CNN’s 360 this past Wednesday, April 27th (we were already taken with his shimmery purple tie). Yes, it was to tease a segment on spanking and corporal punishment in parenting, but for a brief and blissful moment he was talking just to us.

So CNN-watchers, check it out and see what color tie he’s wearing; it was a burgundy-plum with a fun little shimmer. Either way, we thank Gawker — and Anderson — for a quiet little moment of joy.

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