A Few Things Worth Noting About Anderson Cooper’s Connecticut Digs

For starters, the Litchfield County estate has fared better in recent years than the publication founded and edited by its architect Wilson Eyre. While Condé Nast shuttered the U.S. edition of House & Garden in 1993 and again in 2007 after a relaunch, the shutters at this end are still open for daytime business.

The home is being passed on to Cooper and his partner by Karen Shaw, a former Miss Connecticut and co-star on TV series Dallas and The A Team. When the Litchfield County Times highlighted Cooper’s Rye House in 2012, they reminded of another equally remarkable bit of Shaw family achievement:

“We really want people to come and enjoy this house,” said Mr. Shaw, a former developer and builder of high-end homes who these days is spending most of this time trotting around the world keeping up with his Olympic-caliber snowboarding children, Brooke, Spencer, Maverick and Serena. All are on the U.S. national ski/snowboarding team, and Brooke missed out on a chance to compete in the 2010 Winter Games because of an injury.

Finally, although the span of 280 acres in accompanying lot property complicates the proverbial task of borrowing a cup of sugar, AC’s 360 panorama in that regard encompasses media brethren Dick Ebersol and Sheila Nevins. Or proverbial bottle of maple syrup, as the case may be. In the 1930s, Rye House was the largest producer of maple syrup on the east coast.

[Featured: June 2014 cover of House & Garden UK edition]

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