And Now a Word From the Mother of Dave Hughes

Parasite and noted shitty speller “DCRTV Dave,” or Dave Hughes to those of you checking the Megan’s Law registry (I kid. I kid because…he’s kinda scummy), were in for a treat in the “mailbag” today.

“Shirtless in Shirlington” writes, “Hey Dave have you ever or would you ever do DCRTV DAVE TV shirtless like the FBI agent who sent his shirtless pix to the military broad?”

Dave replied, “I did do a shirtless ‘Dave TV’ episode last year, while I was shaving my head. All the “request for sex” notes I got from women (hello Betsy) and men was somewhat overwhelming so I decided to never do that again. Ha ha ha…..”

Here’s a little pro-tip for you, Dave… If you’ve written something genuinely funny you don’t have to add “ha ha ha” or “LOL” to it, people will recognize it as funny and laugh on their own.  Not that that’s ever really been an issue for you, I’m just saying.

P.S. Why is your mother emailing you anyway?

P.P.S. This is the first time I’ve checked out the DCRTV website. Makes me think myspace wasn’t so annoying and cluttered to look at near the end of its life. What a piece of shit.