…And Lunch Will Come In Delicious, Space-Aged Pill Form


If you’re in the Los Angeles area and have a couple of small kids who are already becoming little painters or thespians, start making plans right now to get them enrolled in the new-to-be-redeveloped Los Angeles Unified School District’s High School for the Visual & Performing Arts, if simply so you can enjoy hearing them say, “In the giant spaceship near the freeway” when people ask them where they go to school. In close proximity to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and the new Disney Concert Hall, the school will fit right in, judging from the architect’s renders. Here’s some:

The school campus will include four “academies” for education in music, dance, theater arts and visual arts, and a theater for 1,000 visitors which can be open to the public. The theater lobby, a crystaline shape of glass and metal, that forms the public entrance to the theater, symbolically emphazises the openness of the school to the public and simultaneously serves as an exhibition space which can be linked to the visual arts studios and the event space on top of the tower. The library is deliberately placed in the center of the school courtyard and rises as a truncated, asymmetrical cone with an oculus towards the sky. Through its central location and dynamic but centralized form this “Space of Knowledge” collects and enhances the energies which revolve in and around it. The entrance for the day to day student use and the community is expressed through a grand staircase of urban scale and is oriented towards the community.