And Lo! The Birds are on the wing!

they say the bird of time is on the wing but that's absurd because the wing is on the bird.gifOur fine feathered friends are flyin’ high in the media this week from an orinthologically-dominated MEL to the feathery reflections of Jonathan Franzen in the New Yorker (reminding us to be kind to our web-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody’s mother) to the lead headline in today’s New York Observer (“Why Lachlan Flew the Coop: It Was Rupe”). The NYT is particularly excited about the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, dragged back from the brink of exctinction by dogged orinthologists. YAY BIRDIES! The NYT apologizes to the orinthologists for ever doubting them in a giddy editorial utilizing the timeless “knock knock” joke in a shout-out to the bird’s famous sound (er, famous to orinthologists, that is)(props also for titling it with the much-covered “I Hear You Knockin'” which naturally we at Fishbowl appreciate). Even better, some other orinthologists think they’ve unlocked the secrets to the wing-singing club-winged manakin in Ecuador. But, you know, the Bird of Time has but a little way to fly – and lo, the bird is on the wing. Translation: these (sand) pipin’ hot articles won’t be on MEL for long – so get ’em before they fly away! Are there any more bird puns we can hatch? No? Well, you may think that this is the end. Well, it is. Er, except for the stuff below.

For the songbirds:
Feed The Birds [Mary Poppins]
Fly Like An Eagle [Steve Miller Band]
Rockin’ Robin [Bobby Day]
Snowbird [Anne Murray]
His Eye Is On The Sparrow [Sister Act II: Back In The Habit]

The fruits of a Google image search for “Bird of Time” after the jump.

Bird of Time.jpg

“They say the Bird of Time is on the wing but that’s absurd
Because the wing is on the bird!”

(I don’t know where that’s from, my mom used to say that)