And By Nice We Assume You Mean Sharp, Witty, Intelligent, Addictive

Picture 17.pngEveryone’s favorite “new” website Jezebel was profiled in everyone’s favorite NYT’s section this week-end. The Style Section article title “Not On Our Blog You Won’t” is a snapshot of the Gawker-owned blog and its writers, and goes to some lengths to point out that the site has differentiated itself by frowning on nasty commenters.

Though the site is still plenty snarky, it steers clear of the vicious remarks about age and weight one finds elsewhere on gossip blogs. Readers of Jezebel find the kinder tone appealing.

The piece also describes the site as a “smart, feisty antidote to traditional women’s magazines” that “appeals to a young, urban demographic” and has inspired a loyal following among it’s readers (complete the requisite longing for “the old days” eleven months ago).

All of which is true. However we think it might also have been nice for the article to include some sort of reader demographic breakdown based on sex, since based on our own informal polls (primarily conducted during conversations had over drinks) the male readership of Jezebel is not to be dismissed. It’s the sort of thing that might have gone some ways to demonstrating what we personally find most interesting about the whole Jezebel experiment; primarily that interesting women are just plain interesting to everyone. No “girly” labels required.