And another thing: Rumor Has It completely blew

When we had some idiotic recall election some years back, I sort of assumed that electing a futuristic cyborg meant that California would get unlimited use of a weather machine. And yet the rains have made certain parts of the state resemble the 9th Ward.

Meanwhile, things are only getting worse for celebs moonlighting as world changers. Meathead-for-Life Rob Reiner‘s preschool initiative is getting attacked not by conservatives but by legendary leftist John Burton, former leader of the State Senate. Burton is effectively kicking a man while he is down and and in the process sending the erstwhile director’s political clout the way of Bausch & Lomb’s stock price and LenDale White’s draft status. As the LA Weekly’s Bill Bradley writes in his blog:

… the famous San Francisco liberal, has come out against movie director Rob Reiner’s universal preschool initiative, Proposition 82 on California’s June ballot. Burton, calling the measure deeply flawed, cited four reasons for his opposition to what many liberals have seen as a motherhood and apple pie initiative.

“Without any income tests the plan would help wealthy and middle class families who already take advantage of preschool, but not reach those who need it most: poor, disadvantaged and English learning children. K-12 education faces a shortage of qualified teachers. Prop. 82 offers more competition that could keep teachers out of classrooms. The initiative would pay more per pupil for a few hours of preschool than many K-12 schools get for a whole day. Prop 82 ties up a resource stream that should go to the general fund for a variety of important state programs.”

I say when in doubt, just vote no on absolutly everything. I don’t care if it is the Make Orphans Smile initiative: California is choked with propositions. And anyway it is kind of fun stiff-arming Mr. Reiner. I mean what’s he going to do about it? Make a sequel to Alex & Emma?