Ron Burgundy Casting for SeaWorld Extras

And who better to report about this Saturday May 11 cattle call than San Diego ABC affiliate Channel 10, one of the places where the alleged loose inspiration for Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy character – Harold Greene (also of KCBS fame) – once worked?

The non-union open casting for Anchorman: The Legend Continues is happening today from noon to 4 p.m. at a Mission Valley area DoubleTree Hotel in San Diego, for a local shoot later this month. From the report:

Tammy Sandler of the Los Angeles-based company Facetime Media told 10News, “All I can really say is it is a scene with Will Ferrell being shot at SeaWorld…”

Judy Bouley of Central Casting told 10News, “Everybody should bring their patience. I have a feeling we’re going to have a very good turnout in San Diego…”

You’re not kidding. Members of SAG-AFTRA can show up an hour early at 11 a.m. for consideration. Then, starting at high Burgundy noon, it will be a non-union free-for-all. View the original Central Casting notice here.

Update – 05/12/13: Even though the May 24 gig will pay only $64.00 for eight hours of work, several thousand hopefuls showed up Saturday – some, in costume – per a follow-up report.

The best coverage of yesterday’s Mission Valley craziness belongs to moonlighting U-T San Diego biotech reporter Bradley J. Fikes. He spoke to a number of the lined-up hopefuls, a brainy Barista and shares this funny line: ‘Outside the hotel, life imitated art imitating life, as news crews interviewed actors vying for roles in the journalistic movie spoof.’

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