This Tool Helps You Analyze And Reply To Time-Sensitive Tweets

If you’ve read our previous posts on Topsy, you know that it’s a pretty robust tool offering real-time analysis of public conversations.

And it just got a little better at saving you time.

Topsy Pro helps users spot trends, track sentiment, and identify key influencers relevant to their business – and now businesses can reply, retweet or favorite key Tweets surfaced in an analysis.

Topsy Pro customers can use these features to react in seconds to emerging PR crises, find and promote the most viral content, identify and engage with local customers and generally be one click away from taking action the minute they see an opportunity.

Here’s what the new features allow users to do:

  • React immediately to a PR crisis. Customers can already monitor for negative tweets with live statistics, and analyze how much traction a crisis is getting; now, they can engage and reply directly to influencers to mitigate the crisis.
  • Deal with customer service issues faster. As customers track negative tweets about their brands and products, and sort by relevance to surface the most important tweets, they can now respond quickly to the most pressing issues
  • Amplify ad and marketing campaigns. Customers can watch conversations during an ad or marketing campaign and engage with audiences, helping an ongoing campaign gain more traction. They can quickly identify and retweet content from key influencers and other top content (tweets, links, photos and videos) being shared around the campaign.
  • Get in on the second-screen conversation. During a sporting event, TV show, conference or other live event, customers can use Topsy Pro to find and retweet content being shared by their audience.
  • Better engage audiences with viral content. Using discovery features, customers can create a broadened topic based on terms people are using for that area of interest, and engage and retweet around the broader terms in the topic.
  • Get ahead of the competition. With Topsy Pro, customers can also track a competitor’s conversation and quickly respond to negative tweets, offering up an alternative solution.

“Topsy not only helps me understand what the most influential people are saying, but also allows me to determine who my clients should engage with and when, and which words they should choose to assure they knock their messages out of the park. No joke, choosing the right 140 characters keeps my clients in movies, at the top of the charts, on Wheaties boxes and off of TMZ,” said Cat Schwartz, founder of The DGTL NTWRK and digital manager of celebrities profiles with millions of followers like Jamie Foxx, John Stamos and Chris Bosh.

Do you manage social profiles for celebrities? Probably not, but we’re guessing this works well for businesses too.

(Image from Shutterstock) 

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