Analytics company Apsalar moves into advertising with ApEngage, now reaches 225 million users

Mobile analytics company Apsalar is adding user acquisition tools to its suite of analytics products, moving into the advertising market with a user targeting solution it calls ApEngage.

The company now allows developers to target specific audiences within the 225 million users in its third party app network based on extremely specific, personalized criteria.

The service, which is still currently in private beta, uses Apsalar’s proprietary data analysis algorithms and predictive models to help developers find new users that are likely to engage with their app because they’ve already shown an affinity for similar apps. Rather than provide many new users, ApEngage purports to bring a smaller number of what Apsalar calls “the right users” — those who will open an app, use it, and spend money.

In addition to targeting users based on the kind of apps they use, developers using the service can also run campaigns targeted users based on specific behavioral and purchasing patterns. They can also run re-targeting campaigns designed to re-engage high-value users, push users who have abandoned purchases to complete them, or to cross-promote the developer’s other apps. In order to serve the ApEngage advertising, Apsalar has partnered with what it calls “major third party mobile ad exchanges.”

The announcement gives Apsalar a competing service to rival analytics providers like Flurry, which already offers user acquisition and advertising services through its AppCircle product, and Kontagent, which has partnered with user acquisition and monetization company Tapjoy.

Today’s announcement also marks the first time Apsalar has shared concrete numbers about the size of its network — over 225 million users on iOS and Android, spread between more than 10,000 apps. By comparison, Kontagent claims to track more than 150 million monthly active users spread over more than 1,000 apps. Market leader Flurry currently purports to work with 70,000 companies and 150,000 apps.

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