What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Analytic.ly

Analytic.ly Word LogoPeoplebrowsr’s Viral Analytics facilitates the searching and filtering of online conversations in real time, over an extended period of time, across events, global social media stats, keywords and brands. The service is fed by a custom database with millions of social media conversations already stored and indexed.

After the jump – what you need to know about PeopleBrowsr’ s Analytic.ly. [Note that updated information on the Peoplebrowsr platform was posted on Social Times on March 18, 2011.]

The application in a sentence

Analytic.ly enables users at every level in industries affected by online dialogue to visualize, study and measure the conversations that define their markets.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Monitoring conversations: Through a friendly dashboard, keyword searches model conversations, revealing a sliding scale of results that can be examined at varying depths.
  • Flexibility: Ability to get stats for any keyword or @name.
  • Cross Platform: Analytic.ly gathers data from multiple social media platforms.
  • Breadth: The Analytic.ly dashboard offers several different lenses to magnify what is happening around events, brands, keywords and global sentiment on any given subject.

DIY Analytics Platform Overview-1

Coolest feature

The DIY Analytics Platform allows searches on sets of keywords and @Names, shows historical and real time conversation data gathered from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs and more.

Feature rundown

  • Events organizes and presents the total and most popular Tweets, Re-Tweets, links, word clouds and general social media data about TV shows, movies, concerts, elections, conferences – all in real-time as well as historically. Data displays for mentions by volume and location, most popular links, word cloud and more.
  • The Global dashboard unveils data on trends, number of users, gender and locations, as well as the state of global sentiment tied to keywords.
  • The Brands module has been built for publishers and social media advertisers. Publishers can see the top 1000 brands that about which its audience is talking, as well as count and ranking of mentions for each brand. Brands can see a list of the top 10,000 influencers whose audience is talking about the brand, get qualified exposure and lift, plus identify hotspots and potential publishers.
  • The Searches section grabs data about @Names, brand or other keywords, with data on those participating in the conversation, influential followers, the size of the audience, engagement levels, the number of views, keyword association, sentiment, demographics and location.

6. Brands

User profile

Analytic.ly is an introductory package for social media strategists and corporate social media team leaders who are looking for efficient ways to measure conversation. Available enterprise solutions offer deeper analytics.


  • $10/one keyword or @name
  • $90/20 keywords or @names
  • Enterprise DIY analytics platform pricing on request from PeopleBrowsr

Analyticly graphs

Compared to competition

According to the company, Analytic.ly, “Has the underlying data, is easier to understand, provides customization with its DIY analytics. platform and offers an end-to-end marketing solution including social media campaigns based on the analytics data.”

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