Analyst: TV Business to Face Sharp Downturn in Two Years

TV_Busted_Clipart.jpgAnd speaking of TV, here’s a cheery prediction: Wired reports that Brothers analyst Anthony DiClemente said that the TV and video business is about to face a nasty downturn, and it could happen faster than most people expect—over the next two years, in fact.

“We believe the feature film and TV content businesses are on the verge of structural changes that appear to impact the core revenue and profits of entertainment business models,” wrote DiClemente in the report.

And it’s all the Internet’s fault. “Digital distribution, audience fragmentation and widespread file-sharing are eating into network and studios’ profits, and those profits may not come back,” says DiClemente. “Content may no longer be king in the entertainment business, as distribution giants Apple and Google seem to prove again and again.”

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