Ana Marie Cox’s Shrinking Audience


Twitter statistics show that between June and September, GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox’s following is shrinking by the thousands. While Cox’s following is still very high – as of today she has 1,449,248 followers – in this time frame and in her statistical graph, Cox has sunk from 1,470,000 to 1, 450,000. The general trend, especially at her level, is that people steadily grow followers, they don’t lose them.

See the graph here.

To give you a sense of people’s popularity and the general trend of going up rather than down, Karl Rove, former top aide to former President George W. Bush, has seen a steady climb between June and September. So has President Obama, former V.P. Al Gore, actor Ashton Kutcher, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and singer Kanye West. See Obama’s stats here, and Gore’s here.

FishbowlDC has sought comment from Cox on what she thinks her Twitter stats indicate in terms of her audience. We’ll bring you a comment should she provide one.