Ana Marie Cox: The Update

Earlier today, after hearing from readers wondering about the whereabouts of longtime Washington journalist Ana Marie Cox, I ran an item calling out to readers to fill us in on what is happening with her and when she will return. These were the questions we received and they were the ones that I put out there to readers.

As calls and emails began to come in, it became clear rather quickly that something difficult was going on with Cox.

Here in the Fishbowl we joke and jab on a daily basis and we critique, with varying unapologetic degrees of occasional harshness, the media news of Washington. But when it comes to serious personal matters, we do not wish to add to anyone’s pain or reveal anything that is inappropriate to divulge. What we can tell you at this time is that a source who cares for Ana tells us that she is coping and dealing with personal and family issues. There is no word on when she will return to Washington, other than the month of July, which she stated in her automatic email. Our source did not seem hopeful about this time frame.

Please keep Ana in your thoughts and prayers. We will do the same.