An Unscientific Survey – Apple iTunes vs. Amazon MP3 Song Prices: Save 25% By Buying From…

My daughter mentioned she was planning to buy a bunch of songs from iTunes the other day. So, I asked her to participate in a little comparison shopping research for me: I asked her to compare the prices for those songs on iTunes and the Amazon MP3 store and to buy the songs from which ever store cost less.

She looked at 13 relatively recently released songs in both online stores and found the following:

– Apple iTunes Store: 13 songs cost $1.29 each for a total of $16.77
– Amazon MP3 Store: 11 songs cost 99 cents each and 2 cost $1.29 each for a total of $13.47.

So, she saved $3.30 (24.5%) by buying the songs from Amazon instead of Apple.

Does this mean that iTunes is doomed and the Amazon MP3 store will take over the world? I doubt it. But, it does indicate that it pays to do a bit of comparison shopping for your online music purchases.