An Unofficial Steve Jobs iPhone App: Sir Steve Jobs

The world lost a technology pioneer who remained a mover and shaker until the very end this past Wednesday. It seems fitting, then, that my final mobile technology related post of the week is a free app for the iPhone.

Sir Steve Jobs (iTunes App Store)

The app was, according to its developers, created and released earlier this year in observance of Steve Jobs birthday. FYI: all four of the app’s developers were teenagers (13 to 14 years old) at the time of its development.

The app collects biographical information, quotes, photos, YouTube videos and even caricatures of Steve Jobs. There is also a section of moderated messages about Jobs from app users.

I should note that Steve Jobs was not a Knighted (which would be honorary since he was an American and would not get the “Sir” title). In fact, according to this item in The Telegraph, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown blocked an honorary knighthood. A spokesperson for Brown denied blocking knighthood.

Gordon Brown ‘blocked knighthood’ for Steve Jobs

And, oh yes, “One more thing.”

Thank you.

Steve Jobs