An UnBeige In New York


It was a chilly night in NoHo for the first official UnBeige Party, even chillier for one chronically-underdressed blogger from the West Coast who refuses to wear pants, or even worse, pantyhose. But about 70 of the loveliest folks in New York seemed to enjoy themselves, regardless. (They wore sweaters.)

Live jazz trickled from a corner at Mannahatta while friends old and new clinked glasses. We dished with Andrew Blum, newly assigned to contributing editor duties at Wired (congrats), and introduced him to Everyware author Adam Greenfield (to whom Blum said “I’m reading you right now”–how cool is that?). UnBeige contributors Louise Ma, Sascha Mombartz and Liz Danzico shared notes near the bar, while Print’s Lindsay Ballant fraternized with the men of dresscode. We spotted often-linked-to Michael Surtees across the room. Multi-blog design writer Randy J. Hunt showed up late but with class. Core77 editor Allan Chochinov was showered with praise by an industrial designer who claimed his career was launched by the mighty Coroflot.

Illustrator extraordinaire Peter Arkle and lovely Amy Goldwasser, newly of Vogue (and loving it, she adds), chatted with design writing superduo Alice Twemlow and David Womack over complimentary towers of hummus. And even the most jaded designers blinked in disbelief when the object of our obsession, Michael Bierut, breezed through the crowd. Frankly, we were just as surprised to see him, since he’s midway through one of the most important weeks of his life.

Later in the night we toasted the ups and downs of design blogging with Ms. Jen Bekman, UnBeige founder and current purveyor of fabulousness, along with the feisty Miss Representation. Thanks to everyone who made it out–our cheeks were more than a little UnBeige by the end of the night from your kind, kind words. You warmed our hearts right down to our little goose-bumped legs.