An Small Interview About The Bigness of Thinking Small While Big

Recently, we were talking up a post that Seth Godin, he, the creator of the interweb, that we really enjoyed. Now we thought we’d return, once more, to the mighty Godin and an interview he recently did over at IF! concerning his new book, Small Is the New Big. It’s a nice little introduction to what’s sure to be a terrific read about all things marketing and how companies can escape from thinking like the Goliaths they are and getting into full-force David mode. Read the interview now, as it’s sure to get your thinkin’ head eager for more, and then, of course, order Seth’s book! Go!

Question: In your new book, you highlight the size of Craigslist the site (huge) and the size of Craigslist the company (tiny) and argue that part of the success is that Craig Newmark spends so much time on customer service. Could it just be that Craig’s realized that customer service is what he’s good at – and he’s just delegated his other traditional management responsibilities to traditional management?

Answer: I think that Craig himself would agree that in many ways, he’s become irrelevant to the bigger picture. His job is to keep people from screwing up the experience, but the product is a platform, not content… in other words, keep the platform healthy and the users will make it work.