An Open Letter to Artists: Stop with the Pipe Bomb Art Already

Dear Artists,

We need to sit down and have a talk. We need to tell you that creating a piece that looks like a pipe bomb is not cool, so stop doing it. First, back in 2007, we had the art student Thorarinn Ingi Jonsson at the Ontario College of Art and Design who thought it would make a great statement to fool everyone into thinking the Royal Ontario Museum was going to blow up. And now we have Swedish artist Conny Blom who created The Bunny Project: Bombs, which were sets of carrots tied together with small alarm clocks that were placed, en masse, around a small town. This, of course, freaked people out. To which the artist said (we’re guessing smugly) “After all, it is just carrots with an alarm clock and nothing else…this is just a caricature of a bomb.” It’s bad enough that he was of the mindset that he needed to frighten people with fake bombs, no matter how believable they were, but all the worse that it had already been done before, almost two years past no less. So, again, we say to you artists out there who are looking for your next big project to shake we feeble minded drones out of our complacency: quit it. Not only are you going to look like a total jerk with your faux-bomb project, you’re also going to look like an unoriginal total jerk.